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Freeland ready to help GB

Portland Trailblazers' forward Joel Freeland has committed to the Great Britain national team and is hoping to make a return to international duty sooner rather than later.
Freeland held a conference call with various members of the British basketball media in the midst of a reasonably successful start to the season for him personally.
He said: "I'm always committed to helping the national squad, I only took time off last season for personal reasons, from here on out I'm fully committed, I just hope I can continue as I am at the moment to be involved with the team."
"Last year I struggled a lot as I thought I had to play in the same way I played in Europe but this league is completely different, I took the summer and realised who I was in this league and who I wanted to be.'
​'There is always going to be a responsibility to promote British basketball, during the summer I am interested in promoting the game, people have been trying to do it over the years…