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Does the BBL need a relegation battle?

One of the most exciting things about English football is the fact that teams can gain promotion and teams can be relegated. Whilst most fans of teams struggling to stay in the specific division wish relegation didn't exist, it is only fair that a team which finishes top of a lower division can swop places with the team who finish bottom of the higher division.

The BBL currently doesn't have a relegation system in place and with the BBA offering an alternative to the BBL in the coming years, the viewership of the BBL could decline.

While teams such as Plymouth Raiders have been promoted to the BBL from the lower divisions (EBL et al), surely teams would rather have played their way into the top tier rather than been voted in by other people.

The 2012-13 BBL season has seen the Mersey Tigers lose EVERY SINGLE game in the BBL and yet they will probably be back in the division next season. 0 points from 24 games is simply not good enough if the BBL wants a competitive league.

Perhaps the best way to introduce a play-off/relegation system is to have the top team in the EBL and SBL compete with one of them going through to a play-off against the bottom team of the BBL.

This would give the BBL team one last chance and make it easier to implement as the teams are more likely to agree if their is a chance of survival.

The BBL needs something that would make the division slightly more exciting and with eight teams battling for the play-offs, having the bottom team fight for their place means they have a reason to try and go out and do their best and would create more interest for fans.


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