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BBP: Birmingham Knights 'will play their hearts out for the city'.

BIG BBL Preview: Birmingham Knights.
Douglas hoping for success
(Picture from

Birmingham Knights head coach Paul Douglas is looking forward to the new BBL season as the Knights join the elite of British basketball for the 2013/14 season.

Douglas has had previous experience as a BBL player and also as an assistant coach and acting head coach at various clubs across British basketball.

The new coach believes the team will be ready for the start of the new BBL season but admits it won't be an easy ride.

He said: "It's taken a lot of time and effort to get the Birmingham Knights ready as a new team entering the BBL. We've been in training since June 2nd and it's important to get the players ready for the BBL and up to speed."

"Preparation is important as the league is improving and the players need to be ready for it, the BBL is more physical than the EBL, so we need to be prepared physically and mentally."

"While my experience as a coach previously has helped me develop as a coach, I think both mine and Tony Simms' (his assistant) experiences playing the BBL will help the players as we know what to expect."

The former Bullets player was pleased with the number of players he was able to choose from and also praised the quality of his team.

He continued: "It hasn't been hard to find players for the team, the difficulty has been trying to fit all the players in!"

"They know that it is a fantastic opportunity, it's hard to play in the BBL and get a spot on the team, the local players get an opportunity and they are a great bunch of guys who understand what a big deal it is."

"It's good that big cities like Birmingham have a franchise, it's good for the fans and for the local players that they can see or play for their local side in the top level of British basketball."

Douglas is realistic in his ambitions for the Birmingham side and hopes this is the start of something big for the city.

"We have to understand we are building a program here and we don't have the resources of the established teams but we've put time and effort in hopefully we get a good fan base."

"I would like to see us be consistent in our performances, establish the team in the city and get fans behind the team and to be competitive in all our games! Come and Support us!"

Birmingham will kick off their BBL campaign against BBL champions and play-off winners Leicester Riders and with various new players began their pre-season preparations as early as June.

They will play their games at the North Solihull Sports Centre and tickets can be bought via Ticketmaster or the Birmingham Knights website


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