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BBP: Birmingham Knights: 'We can cause a few surprises'

Martyn Gayle: Hoping to show what he can do
One of the members of the new Birmingham Knights franchise is Martyn Gayle, who will be hoping he can step up from the EBL to the BBL.

The Guard is a local player and will get the chance to represent his city and play amongst the elite of the British game.

Gayle believes that the team will be a great chance for the local players and the local fans to enjoy the sport they love.

"It is a fantastic opportunity in our own city with a local coach, it is outstanding to be able to do it with our local fans."

"The training regimes and pre-season training have been amazing so far, we've all learnt something and we can change things within our game, we need to step-up as this is a tougher than anything we've done."

"My ego was quite big as I was top scorer in the EBL division one, but i've had to improve work harder, become stronger and faster."

Gayle is excited for the new season and can't wait to get onto the court to compete against the rest of the BBL.

"I'm obviously looking forward to playing the big teams like Leicester and Newcastle, but I think we need to focus on facing teams who will be lower down the BBL who we can target and hopefully beat."

"The city has been starved of top basketball for the last ten years and hopefully we can cause some upsets, impress our fans and show that Birmingham can produce top players."

"We will play exciting team basketball with local talent and imports bringing experience, we will live or die by each other."

*Birmingham fans - we spoke to head coach Paul Douglas click here to read more.

Don't forget to buy your tickets to watch the Birmingham Knights via there website.


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