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BBL People: The Art of Commentating

There are many elements that come together to make sure that every basketball match is entertaining and enjoyable for everyone.

The music played, the dancers, the crowd participation and in particular the commentary are all elements which can be seen as part of the background to the matches foreground.

Steven Edwards is a commentator (in-house) for the London Lions and explains to us what the commentator has to do.

"Your right in the thick of the action, it's your job to not only act as the mc - introducing the players - but also describing the action that's going on so that fans who haven't been to many games can start understanding what they see in front of them."

"Last season the Lions were playing in Crystal Palace and that was getting crowds of up to and around 1,700 people, more and more people were coming."

"Now we are at the Copper Box everything has increased, so a much larger crowd and a better atmosphere, so as a commentator we will feed off the crowd."

"We have to get the crowd involved and it helps that it is a proper basketball home, without a doubt the crowd are a vital part of making a ground a fortress."

"Myself and the other members of the team are part of the entertainment and hopefully add to your experience."


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Johnson is the cousin of NBA star Marcus Camby and is looking to be a player/coach in the British Basketball League or English Basketball League.

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He said: 'I've always wanted to go to England but I don't know a lot about the basketball league, I have a friend at the Worcester Wolves and he has told me there is lot's of positives.'

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This is the Glasgow Rocks BIG BBL PREVIEW!

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