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EckSell excited by the future of Hoops Aid

Hoops Aid took place on Sunday with multiple stars on show - both celebrity and sports - as Lance Haggith's vision for a charity basketball match became reality.

The event saw stars such as Jody Latham, D-Jukes, Dane Bowers and the majority of the 2013 Big Brother housemates involved as well as the likes of John Regis and multiple BBL players.

One man who played a key role in the event was rapper EckSell who helped promote the event and also come up with the events anthem called 'Dreamz'.

EckSell also performed the anthem on the day at the Copper Box which saw a near-capacity crowd.

He said: "Everyone enjoyed themselves, a good event, a good turnout, the amount of people supporting the cause - it was a great turnout."

"I came up with the idea that I could write an anthem, it was Lance who inspired me to write the anthem."

"He told me all about the event and his son Ellis and it all came to light then and that's what gave me the inspiration to write the song Dreamz."

"It's an emotional song, it's uplifting, Lance is going through so much in his life and he is still trying to help others, I called it Dreamz and no matter who you are, I won't everyone to feel better and achieve what they want."

"Whatever stress people are going through, you can still help others and all the money taken from that song will go to the charity."

The rapper was also spoke about his own personal highlight of the event which will hopefully be the first of many.

He continued: "The actual highlight for me was when David Haye came out and gave Ellis the trainers, it meant a lot for me to see the smile on Ellis' face and Lance's face."

"Overall I believe that the whole event itself was a highlight, I enjoyed every part of it."

"The event is something I want to be involved with for a long time and I'm sure the charity will go on and Lance will go on with it."

*The song 'Dreamz' is not yet available to download/purchase but follow EckSell on Twitter for more information and to find out as soon as it is released.

*EckSell is part of the US/UK tour and mixtape,
and will be playing in Bristol, click here for more details.


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